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The SiPOW Gjenvinner solcellepaneler til batteriproduksjon Produksjon av silisium til solcellepaneler krever store mengder energi, og er skyld i enorme utslipp. På Kongsvinger koordinerer de nå et europeisk samarbeid for å gjenvinne brukte solcellepaneler, for bruk i batteriproduksjon.

The FORESi (FOstering a Recycled European Silicon) project is officially launched! Thanks to all partners for a successful 3-day kick-off meeting: we were able to explore the specific objectives of the project and how to achieve them, get to know each other, establish a game plan and identify possible synergies! We are looking forward to working together on the creation of a supply chain for high purity recycled silicon, to achieve the production of new PV panels made from recycled silicon!

In STREAMS a comprehensive portfolio of at least 12 scalable and flexible technologies and pilot scale solutions for the sustainable production of battery-grade precursors and their respective anode and cathode active materials will be developed, evaluated and successfully demonstrated. These technological processes will be applied to materials from primary and secondary sources including recycled battery mass and photovoltaic waste. This will strengthen Europe’s domestic battery materials supply chain and reduce Europe’s dependency on imported critical and strategic raw materials supplies.

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