Pioneering Pure Silicon, Revolutionizing Green Energy

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

SiPow maximizes resource retention by reducing material usage, waste, emissions, and energy. SiPow's energy-efficient silicon production starts from partially purified silicon using novel thermo-chemical approaches.

Resource Revolution

Resource Revolution

SiPow envisions global expansion as a Resource Revolution with No Mine Required. Introducing crystalline Silicon into the anode electrode proves superior performances, enhancing both specific capacity and lifetime.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

SiPow targets industrial-scale viability, processing waste from PV technologies. Its goal: 1) buy low-purity recycled silicon; 2) purify to meet market demands; 3) supply to users like nano silicon and battery manufacturers.

Results Driven

SiPow is nowadays the best in class in pure silicon production from recovered raw materials, enabling a real circular economy models worldwide.

Proven Technology

SiPow develops and exploits cutting edge disruptive technologies to reach exceptional purity levels of silicon recovered from end-of-life products.


SiPow enables new materials exchange worldwide thanks to its international network of raw materials traders, filling market gaps with innovative models.


Through innovative models, SiPow effectively addresses market gaps, facilitating the exchange of new materials on an international scale."


SiPow, a spin-off of NanoPow AS, resulted from collaboration among experts in silicon recycling, Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) photovoltaic, Nanosilicon production, and Battery Manufacturing. Over two decades, SiPow developed a method for producing crystalline nano-silicon powder for lithium-ion battery anodes. Their purified silicon enhances anode performance with ultrahigh specific capacities, surpassing traditional graphite anodes by tenfold. SiPow is revolutionizing the pure silicon market with breakthrough purification solutions and processes facilitating the trade of recovered raw material.

Methodology and Ambition

SiPow's purification process targets economic viability at an industrial scale, handling waste scraps from various PV technologies. SiPow's goal is to: 1) purchase low-purity recycled silicon from WEEE and WEEE photovoltaic recyclers; 2) purify silicon to meet market demand purity levels; and 3) supply purified silicon to users like nano silicon and lithium battery manufacturers. The innovative purification method is expected to reduce energy harvesting and costs with raw silicon from WEEE photovoltaic. SiPow's monocrystalline Pure Silicon aligns with industry demands, offering high energy capacity for new lithium battery-powered products, environmentally friendly solutions to limit CO2 emissions, and a high Return on Investment (RoI) for efficient energy independence.

Green Solutions

SiPow stands at the forefront of pure silicon production from reclaimed raw materials, championing true circular economy models globally.

Industrial Scale

SiPow pioneers cutting-edge disruptive technologies to achieve unparalleled purity levels of silicon recovered from end-of-life products, enabling large-scale industrial applications.

Highest RoI

SiPow facilitates global material exchange through its extensive network of raw material traders, addressing market needs with innovative models while minimizing energy consumption in the process.

10X Better

With innovative approaches, SiPow effectively fills market gaps and enables the international exchange of superior materials, offering performance levels ten times better than conventional solutions.

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300000 Target Tons/Year
60% CO2 Saving
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